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by john 8/29/2007 9:31:00 AM

Highlander has a number of "Template Libraries" that make creating basic websites straight forward and easy.

This can be seen in screen shot below 


 The CSS Layouts are templates that let you create css based master-page projects giving you a particular look and feel.


For example this is a content page for the Menu Fixed, Content and  Header Dynamic master page.



Not only are you able to use these in your projects but you can add your own templates.

For example most sites need some kind of password protection, pages to login, change your password and account creation. The Login controls in ASP.Net  and the [CodeGear] membership and role providers make a great starting point. Rather than having to throw together the controls, and remembering what control properties have to be set, wouldn't it be a good idea to instead go "File, New Website." ?

Adding a new template is really easy and the steps are as follows:- 

  • Create the project
  • Create the project template definition
  • Register with the IDE

I created a web application with a login page, change password and account creation page. I also configured web.config to use the membership and role providers. The template definition file is an xml file with the extension bdstemplatelib. Mine looks like

<TemplateLibrary version="1.0" id="Membership">
<Description>Membership Starter Application</Description>
  <Item id="Membership" creator="AspDelphiProjectRepositoryCreator">
     <Name>Membership Starter Application</Name>
      <Category value="ASP.Net 2.0" parent="Borland.Delphi.NET.New">ASP.Net 2.0</Category>

The project is located in a directory relative to the location of the template file. Template registration is performed using the template libraries menu option from the tools menu. The dialog looks like this

 Once registered, anytime I need a starter web application with membership support, its just "File New Membership web application"



 And this is the membership starter application in the IDE ready to go



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10/25/2007 7:35:52 PM

Is it posible to create Template Libraries for
Win32 Application (Delphi or C++ Builder)?
Where may I find description about Template Libraries programing?

Robert Bresiński

10/27/2007 1:28:13 PM


Yes its possible to create them for C++Builder and Delphi win32. Look in the help for "template libraries"

or this url in the help



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