Securing your application

by john 8/23/2007 8:41:00 AM

Membership and role management is easier in ASP.Net 2.0 because of the built in membership and role management services.

A great place for videos and tutorials is at ASP.Net

More information can be found with the quick start tutorial Securing Your Application

You can also watch the video Secure my Site using Membership and Roles?

The article and video mention controls such as Login, LoginView, PasswordRecovery, ChangePassword and CreateUserWizard.

 The video is quite short and its easy enough to follow along using Highlander, you can see some of the results in the 2 screen shots below.


Login View



The controls make use of user services built upon the provider model. More information can be found Here. The implementations provided out of the box are pretty limiting, just targeting SQL Server, Sql Server Express and Access. Here is where it gets really interesting and extremely cool because [Codegear] have implemented their own set of providers confirming to the guidelines as laid out in the link above. It's best to read Steve Shaughnessy's blog post here . Which now means you can target Blackfish and other databases through the dbexpress bridge. In the diagram below are the options you have when hooking up a SqlDataSource component.




More to come.. 

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Highlander and ASP.Net 2.0

by john 8/22/2007 7:02:00 AM

[Codegear] have very kindly given me permission to blog about Highlander, the next release of Delphi. So lets dive straight in with a screen shot.

I'm currently hard at work on my entry for the Application Development Contest. I have the ASP.Net designer open in the IDE and since Highlander supports ASP.Net 2.0, I'm currently editing a content page. On that page can be seen a FormView and several ASP.Net AJAX controls.

More to come soon..

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